What is PayPal? How to make a Paypal Account for sending and receiving money?

What is PayPal? How to make a Paypal Account for sending and receiving money?

What is PayPal? How to make a Paypal Account for sending and receiving money?

PayPal is an online platform with the help of which you can send and receive payments, then whether you are sending to an individual, receiving from an individual or seeking refund from a shopping website. So basically PayPal helps in sending and receiving payments across worldwide but for this one should be having a PayPal account which is linked with your bank account. Almost all the online learning websites make payments through PayPal. A part from that, suppose you are in India and I have to send money from outside, what is the easiest way for me? Either I will send it through western union or I will transfer in bank account. But in PayPal I will ask only your PayPal I’d from you. You will tell me your PayPal I’d which ofcourse will be a simple email I’d. This I’d is entered in my PayPal account and I will confirm how much amount needs t be sent and by simply click on send, you will receive the money in your account. Neither did I have to ask for any details, nor did I have to go out of my house to send money nor did you have to go out to get the money because the money will go directly to your bank account as soon as it comes in your PayPal account. So basically in this way PayPal makes your transactions easy. Sometimes, you’re shopping on a site, then you have to pay by card, then at that time you have to enter many details such as card number, expiry date and cvv but if instead of this if you pay with PayPal you wont have to enter any detail. Moreover all your account details are completely secure with PayPal.

How to create PayPal account?

Let us understand how to create a PayPal account for making your transactions easy. Follow these simple steps to create account in PayPal:

  1. Open any browser in your mobile like chrome, google and type PayPal there.
  1. Click on t What is PayPal? How to make a Paypal Account for sending and receiving money? he top which will be written as PayPal official website.
  2. Then you have to click on the three dots which you will get, on clicking you will get the option of ‘desktop site’, click on it. Now it will open in desktop site.
  3. After this, ‘sign up for free’ is written on the screen, click on it, then a pop up will appear on it, above which will be written join ‘PayPal for free’. Also ‘personal account’ option must already be ticked. Let it be like it is and click on the ‘next’ written below.
  4. After this enter your mail I’d in this space given and enter your password 2 times in the password space given below. It should be a new password not our existing password of your email I’d.
  5. Click on the ‘next’ option.
  6. Enter security captcha.
  7. A new page will be opened where a personal details form (name, age, mobile number, address) will appear on the screen. Enter details in it.
  8. Leave the option ‘activate on touch’ as it is and already ticked ‘I agree’ as well.
  9. Tick mark next option by clicking the button below.
  10. Click on ‘Agree and create account’.
  11. After that, a new page will be opened and you will have to enter your debit or credit card details such as card number, expiry date and cvv.
  12. Click ‘link card’.
  13. As soon as you click on ‘link card’, a page will appear on this screen where an OTP generated through bank on your registered mobile will have to be entered.
  14. Enter OTP and click ‘submit’.
  15. Now, a page will appear where ‘start shopping with PayPal’ will be written. Click if you want to shop with PayPal otherwise select the option given below ‘Go to your Account’.
  16. A new page will be opened where it is written ‘add to your account’. Click on the same.
  17. Again a page will be opened, where ‘link a bank account’s will be written.
  18. Fill the details in the space given and again click ‘ link your bank’ option.
  19. Then you will get a message like your XYZ bank is linked. Click ‘Done’.
  20. Now confirm your email address and mobile number. Open your mail I’d, click on the email you have received from PayPal, add OTP in the space. Remember to enter new password in the password space.
  21. Now your PayPal account is verified.

You can also use PayPal mobile application.

Follow these steps to use PayPal app:

  1. Download ‘PayPal’ from Google Play Store.
What is PayPal? How to make a Paypal Account for sending and receiving money?
  1. Open the App.
  2. You will see two option, log in or sign up. As you have already signed up, click on login. Enter the email and password you have created for your PayPal account.
  3. download app
What is PayPal? How to make a Paypal Account for sending and receiving money?
  1. Your PayPal app is ready to use.

PayPal is the most simple and secure app to make daily small or big transactions. We hope this article will help you in making your transactions smooth and easy. Still in case if you find any doubt regarding its usage or you want to pour any suggestion to make us more clear to you. Do comment below. We will be happy to assist you.

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